Our Mission

Our aspiration is to create awareness and generate fertile ground for an open and constructive dialogue with the aim of overcoming the current challenges in tourism and achieving sustainable growth. 

The Tourism Naturally Online Symposium serves as a connecting point between academia, stakeholders and the industry as a whole. It aims to unite their values by highlighting how necessary and important sustainable tourism is in a global post-pandemic tourism era. 

Connecting academic research, government agencies, the tourism industry and local communities, we aim - now more than ever -  to create direct and indirect social as well as financial benefits.


Our Vision

We are passionate about protecting the environment and preserving the natural and cultural authenticity of destinations and communities. 

The Tourism Naturally Symposium aims to contribute to these challenges: the diverse panel, made up of industry experts who influence tourism in their own particular way, aims to ensure that the environment, cultural heritage and the tourism experience are preserved and that ideas and innovations are generated through exchange.


Our Values



We value ecological and ethical practices. We strive to contribute to a lively discussion aimed at optimising tourism practices and protecting and preserving resources for future generations.



We would like to ensure that all voices from across the tourism spectrum are heard and that the ripple effect of travel continues. 



We encourage today’s ideas to become tomorrow’s solutions through development and research inspiration.



We engage in a community that shares the same morals, goals, ethics and values. 



We lead by example and support a continuously positive growing network of individuals by educating, motivating, empowering and inspiring participants to change the tourism industry in a sustainable and responsible way.